Biodiversity Genomics 2022: sequencing genomes all around the world

Biodiversity Genomics 2022 will take place online between October 3rd and 7th, with live days running around the world on October 4th and 6th. The event is open and attendance is free. 

The Earth BioGenome Project (EBP) is a moonshot project that aims to sequence, catalogue and characterise the genomes of all of Earth’s eukaryotic biodiversity over a period of ten years. As a global network of communities dedicated to sequencing genomes from different regions of the world and different life forms, EBP aims to create a new foundation for biology to drive solutions for preserving biodiversity and sustaining human societies.

Teams of scientists, grouped regionally or via specific taxa and located all around the world, are contributing to this effort under the larger umbrella of the Earth BioGenome Project.

To create, expand and unite BioGenomes communities, EBP and associated projects will once more hold a global, open and online forum — Biodiversity Genomics 2022.

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A meeting forum for the Biodiversity Genomics community: online, inclusive, green!

This is the third version of the Biodiversity Genomics meeting. The initially online format was “forced” by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it proved to be highly inclusive, attracting thousands of young and senior scientists from all over the world.
In 2022, Biodiversity Genomics meeting will include two long days of live activities, moving the focus around the world. Scientific topics will be spread across time zones, open to all but giving the chance for each scientist to have the same level of participation. BG22 will use online resources to connect scientists in different time zones and promote scientific discussion in an inclusive way.

BG22 will also take advantage of its global participation to connect scientists from the same Region beyond their scientific topics. The Regional-based meetings will focus on tackling specific Genomic resources needs and challenges, and will invite local and global participation.


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